Róbert Langh

This happened at the parking lot
Computer-installation, collage; 1998

" In the interaction based on the Friedrich attitude of romanticism, the art experience lifts up the observer, so that he becomes worthy. The visitor cannot interact with the image on the screen, but reacts to it.

This installation involves the pathos of irreversibly passing time. In my work I try to hide the presence of the computer behind certain trivial effects, which split the message into several layers: the computer hidden on the floor is connected to the screen that is fixed onto a tripod. The installation gives out light in two directions: downwards, pointing to the contents of the washbowl on the floor, and forwards, through the image on the screen.

The washbowl contains a layered grid made from burned matches. The evolution of this is evoked via a scratching effect in the animation on the screen. "

Biography : Róbert Langh was born in 1967 in Miskolc, Hungary. He now lives and works in Budapest. He graduated from the Video Department at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts and from the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Langh has produced a number of video works, many of them with the Béla Balázs Studio and computer works in the form of CD-Roms and installations.