Orsolya Nyitrai

website, 1996

Ai Suki
website, 2001


"Net's Trip", website, 1996

If someone is born a woman, then she is expected to 'dress'. At least the question "What shall I wear?" is a frequent and familiar one. Satisfying a woman's wardrobe is an impossible task. The Internet makes it possible to see all possible wardrobe combinations, interactively. The interactive wardrobe consists of upper and lower garments, which can be matched with one another. The net-user can try out all the combinations on the model standing in the centre of the screen.



"Ai Suki", website, 2001

"Ai Suki " is a Chinese discipline several thousand years old concerned with maintaining harmony in human relationships. In China in 2690 B. C. people had knowledge of special exercises which had a positive influence on the life of the couple. This work is a presentation of these exercises and of their ideological background.

Biography : Orsolya Nyitrai was born in 1971 in Budapest, Hungary where she lives and works. She graduated from the School of Interior Design in Budapest and from the Intermedia Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.